Windsceen Power – Geelong, Ballarat, Werribee, Cairns

Does Windscreen Power offer a warranty on their work?

Windscreen Power offers a nationwide guarantee on services.

Is the repair or replacement of a windscreen or window covered by insurance?

The repair of a chip or crack in your windscreen or the replacement of windscreen or windows may be covered by your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. At Windscreen Power we direct bill insurance claims making the process easier for you.

Is it safe to repair a chipped windscreen?

Provided the chip can be repaired, then yes it is safe. After Windscreen Power has repaired your windscreen, it will be restored to full structural strength and you will be able to drive the car immediately. Only a faint mark at the point of impact should be left. Windscreen Power will always try to repair a windscreen before replacing, as repairs are cost effective, time efficient and environmentally friendly.

Is it safe to drive with a stone chip or crack?

Modern windscreens are made with laminated glass comprising of two layers of glass held together by a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer. When a windscreen is damaged, it is usually the outer layer of glass affected so it is safe to drive the vechile unless the damage is severe. However, if the windscreen chip is not repaired, it may get worse and spread due to vibrations when driving or temperature changes.

Will  windscreen damage get worse if not repaired?

Windscreen damage may get worse it the vechile is driven. It is best to have stone chips repaired as soon as possible after the damage has occurred.

Do truck windscreens require repair when chipped or cracked?

Truck windscreens require repair if they are chipped or cracked. If chips are left they can become worse and the only option will be to replace the truck windscreen.

Does Windscreen Power repair and replace bus windscreens?

Yes at Windscreen Power we repair and replace bus windscreens. We provide 24 hour onsite emergency windscreen repairs ensuring that you will be back on the road quickly.

Does Windscreen Power replace rear and side glass windows?

Yes, Windscreen Power offers a replacement service but unlike windscreens, both rear and side glass windows comprise only one layer of glass and therefore cannot be repaired so must be replaced.